QUO VADIS – Presentation

The author group QUO VADIS is an association of writers working in the field of historical novels, narrative or fictional, historical audio and television texts.

He offers a confidential exchange of authors among each other, as well as the presentation of the historical novel in public, for. For example, providing information, organizing reading nights, awarding literary prizes, and many other activities.

The annual general assemblies take place in changing historical cities in Germany, to which Quo Vadis offers in return a rich literary program. Interested cities are invited to contact us.

QUO VADIS – What We Stand For

The authors of Quo Vadis stand for the plurality of the historical novel in all its forms.

  1. Do not see any contradiction between entertainment and literary quality, but recognize in the field of tension in which they want to combine both in many variants for the readers;
  2. Do not deny the differences in styles and texts, but affirm them as a testimony to the creativity of the members;
  3. Take in their own decision the literary freedoms that the respective historical novel needs;
  4. Advocate persuading the book marketers to refrain from specifying certain historical periods, narrative patterns of romance, gender of the main character, and other limitations of narrative freedom;
  5. When presenting the genre in the book market, emphasize the diversity of the historical novel and avoid clichés and other norms.
  6. The authors – Welcome to the market successful historical novels as proof of a successful literary communication between authors and readers, the same applies to literary prizes and other awards of historical novels;
  7. Support actions and events that help to better appreciate the historical novel in public perception;
  8. Understand Quo Vadis as an advocacy group, who confidently and constructively deals with the players in the book market to unfold the full potential of the historical novel.

The Association for the Promotion of German-Language Historical Novels e. V. is the “collection point” for membership fees and donations to QUO VADIS. The funds are used for purposes of QUO VADIS.

According to the statutes the board consists of the following occupied honorary offices:

  • Treasurer: Olaf Kappelt
  • Secretary: Roland Adloff
  • Deputy Chairman: Titus Müller
  • Chairwoman: Judith Mathes

The club was founded by the district court Charlottenburg in July 2002 as e. V. confirmed. The decision on the charity (tax deductibility) is pending!

Bank account: Association for the promotion of German-language historical novels e.V.

Kto. No. 707 119 2002 – bank code 100 900 00 – Berliner Volksbank